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Partnerships and Projects

Let me introduce you to some of the  awesome people I have the pleasure of working with.



Adam and I have worked together for almost two decades now. Since the beginning of our work relationship with Evade to our current creative venture, working with Adam has been one of the coolest things ever!



The latest client I have the pleasure of recently connecting with, is going to revolutionize the way home builders work. They're someone who align well with our vision.



And lastly, let me tell you about my side project. I started selling cookies last year as a way to generate cash flow. We had a really good run and valentines day was one for the books. Today, due to the covid-19 coronavirus quarantine lockdown, we are not currently selling cookies, but do plan to get back to full steam in a few weeks when the lockdown is over.


Jay Barr

By far one of the coolest and most fun clients I've had the pleasure of working with. Jeremy is a rapper I met through the crazy knife job I once had, and I immediately became a huge fan of his work ethic. I worked with Jeremy growing his online media presence and mentoring him along the way. Jeremy is also a member of my social media mentor group, and my prestigious web apprentice system.



My dad ran a pop up taqueria two years ago and it was a project I'll never forget. We helped him get everything from the ground up and it let us get our feet wet with a lot of print work we did for him. My wife helped us a ton too with design and direction. Our entire family put a ton of effort into this project and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



My sister and her husband started teaching zoomba right before the covid19 coronavirus outbreak quarantine lockdown. They have been unable to have even their first live class. I have been helping them develop their online presence and taking their zumba business online. We've encountered a ton of bumps and learning experiences along the way so I thought it was important to share the story.



I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dcplina for many years now. We have been consulting him on marketing from the very beginning of his music career. 



I recently reached out to Matt and offered to help him grow his presence online. Since he had seen me work with Dcplina, he knew what I could do for his business so he quickly said yes. What I'll be doing with Junkroom is helping Matt strengthen his brand online and drive more traffic to his website. 

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