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Professional Marketing Consultant

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First a little bg...

I entered the marketing space in 2003. I’ve done different roles and have helped businesses build an online presence. I recently took a job as marketing director of a dentist office. 

No doubt this Coronavirus COVID19 has transformed the way we do business overnight. For years I have preached and spoken about the dangers of businesses not being on digital platforms, and now, with the entire world on lockdown, we are witnessing millions of businesses on the brink of extinction. 

I decided to be proactive and turn it into a positive. Late last year I started getting an influx of web-related questions, and now since social distancing, web related inquiries have quadrupled! So what I’m doing is this: I’m helping gen x'ers and baby boomers save their businesses from dying. I create, mentor, and manage content and web / digital media. 

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Your Strategic Partner

The first thing I want to do is address the elephant in the room: you're probably not working right now. And you're probably wondering what to do in times like these. 

Well, I have been preparing for this moment for a very long time. I have a list of products I promote that keep a little bit of money in my pockets each month. I'll introduce you to those later, but first, let me tell you what I can do for you.

Brand Strategy
In a Meeting
Digital Animator


The Path to Success

Lets start off with brand. Brand is now defined as "what people are saying about you or your products."

I can help you create, build, and grow your brand online. 


Expert Guidance

Do you have questions about marketing in general or specific to your business?

Try a 30 minute video consultation.


Expert Execution

If you straight up want to let us handle your digital message for you, my team is ready.

We got you.

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Partnerships and Projects

Let me introduce you to some of the  awesome people I have the pleasure of working with.



Adam and I have worked together for almost two decades now. Since the beginning of our work relationship with Evade to our current creative venture, working with Adam has been one of the coolest things ever!



The latest client I have the pleasure of recently connecting with, is going to revolutionize the way home builders work. They're someone who align well with our vision.



And lastly, let me tell you about my side project. I started selling cookies last year as a way to generate cash flow. We had a really good run and valentines day was one for the books. Today, due to the covid-19 coronavirus quarantine lockdown, we are not currently selling cookies, but do plan to get back to full steam in a few weeks when the lockdown is over.

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Achieving Goals


By far one of the coolest and most fun clients I've had the pleasure of working with. Jeremy is a rapper I met through the crazy knife job I once had, and I immediately became a huge fan of his work ethic. I worked with Jeremy growing his online media presence and mentoring him along the way. Jeremy is also a member of my social media mentor group, and my prestigious web apprentice system.



My dad ran a pop up taqueria two years ago and it was a project I'll never forget. We helped him get everything from the ground up and it let us get our feet wet with a lot of print work we did for him. My wife helped us a ton too with design and direction. Our entire family put a ton of effort into this project and it will forever hold a special place in our hearts.



My sister and her husband started teaching zoomba right before the covid19 coronavirus outbreak quarantine lockdown. They have been unable to have even their first live class. I have been helping them develop their online presence and taking their zumba business online. We've encountered a ton of bumps and learning experiences along the way so I thought it was important to share the story.

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My Blueprint for Online Sales is Simple

  1. Network

  2. Product/Service(s)

  3. Skills

Just substitute my product or service for yours in my content and what I teach. Watch what I do, not what I say and implement to your business. Join my mentor group for more skills training. 

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In order for me to help you make money online, you need to be well-equipped with the right tools and resources. 

I have a mentor group on facebook you are more than welcome to join here. 

Make sure you join these apps and get to know them as I mention them a lot in my videos. 

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